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We offer outsource services to implement reliable and scalable solutions with the Elasticsearch potential and the tool stack for data feeding from any source and any format,making intelligent searches, creating attractive and dynamic visualizations, and deeply and real-time analyze your data.
Logotipo de la herramienta Kibana
With Kibana we help you creating Dashboards so you can give life and form to your data, in a way you could not only visualize them, but also you may play with them and analyze them dynamically.

Logotipo de la herramienta Elasicsearch
With the powerful Elasticsearch machinery to make searches and analyzing data, we help you discover unknown aspects of your information and turn them into valuable assets for your company.

logo Beats tool
With Beats we can connect any source to make the data recollection directly and centralize the information on Elasticsearch.

Logotipo de la herramienta Logstash
With Logstash we implement the Extraction, Transformation and Load (ETL) process to make data ingestion from any source, any format and any size.


We can either help you in an integral way executing every phase of an Elasticsearch project, or we support you on a specific one. Ask us on each phase how we can help you accelerate your project’s success.

Identifying your needs and the scope of your requirements, we plan actions to implement your Elasticsearch solution.
Data evaluation
Investigating your data source, and through recollection and sampling we evaluate the state of your information.
Capacity planning
We determinate the capacity your company needs to satisfy the present and future demand, in compliance to efficient resource usage standards to implement your Elasticsearch cluster.
Data Migration
We design and execute the Extraction, Transformation and Load (ETL) process to centralize your data from any source, any format, in your Elasticsearch solution.
Architecture and design
We use suitable tools of the Elastic Stack to design a reliable architecture that efficiently resolves your needs.
We create the indices, Searches and Dashboards with the Elastic Stack tools.
We implement Elasticsearch solutions in any other product that requires integrating to complement other products or platforms.
Whether it is in your own infrastructure or in the cloud, delegated or administrated, we go along with you in the deployment process of your Elasticsearch solution.
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Whether you still don’t know where to start, you want to validate your idea, or you already have an identified need, we have custom made service packages. Look up the details on each pachage to see which one is suitable for you.

No Cost
Got doubts?
We offer you a 60 minute call for you to let us know your uncertainties and clearing up your doubts about an Elasticsearch implementation.

And we’ll tell you how we can help you.

Proof of Concept
Validate your Idea
Before commiting to a project.

1 data base
1 Index
1 Dashboard
We execute the phases of Analysis, Design and Architecture, Data Migration, Construction and Deployment to give you your first Elasticsearch solution.

Elastic Project
Take advantage of our expertise
o create an innovating and ground-braking Elasticsearch solution and leverage the value of your business intelligence analysis.

10 Databases
10 Indices
5 Dashboards

We execute, with expert personnel trained in Elasticsearch, the Analysis, Data Evaluation, Capacity planning,Architecture and Design, Data Migration, Construction and Deployment phases to give you a reliable, robust and scalable Elasticsearch Solution.



Elasticsearch Engineers outsourcing services
If you prefer an Elasticsearch service provider to develop the projects at your own pace and under your own processes, we can also help you!

We can assign you Elasticsearch, Kibana and Logstash trained and experienced engineers
that will be productive on your projects from the first day.


As Elasticsearch consulting services providers, not only we have the experience and knowledge, but we can also transmit and permeate it in your organization by offering in-class training courses incorporating practice labs with real-life examples and focused in learning the fundamentals in an interactive way.

Introduction to the tools:
  • Elasticsearch
  • Beats
  • Logstash
  • Kibana
  • Elasticsearch Vision
  • Configuration and Deployment
  • Filesystem
  • Managing Indices, Nodes and Shards
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Production monitoring
  • Best Practices for Operation in Production
Developer Basic
  • Introduction to Elasticsearch
  • Search API
  • Full Text Analysis
  • Search Features
  • Working with search results.
Developer Advanced
  • Mappings
  • The distributed model
  • Aggregations
  • Relationship handling
  • Introduction to Elastic Stack
  • Data Events
  • Elastic Cluster
  • Configuring Kibana
  • Kibana’s Discover Interface
  • Queries and Searches
  • Aggregations
  • Displaying
  • Dashboards



We offer tech support services so you won’t be left alone after your implementation of Elasticsearch. The Elasticsearch tech support is offered via Telephone, Chat and Remote Tools.

No Cost
1 month of support
Included in all our projects
Response time
Critical: 6h
Level 2: 24h
Level 3: 48h

On Demand
5 Hours Pack

Response time
Critical: 1h
Level 2: 4h
Level 3: 24h
Custom hours pack

Response time
Critical: 4h
Level 2: 24h
Level 3: 48h


Ventus solves their clients’ biggest business and technological challenges through innovation and the intelligent use of technology, employing experienced and globally trained engineers.

In 18 years on the market we have gotten our coding solutions to be used by people in over 50 countries around the world. Through our business analytics and display services, we have empowered our clients to monitor the market to its maximum level of detail on whole countries, allowing them to take real-time decisions about their products and services. We know and apply the best practices in benefit of our clients. We are trained, we understand and apply the Agile development of projects, as well as the rigor of CMMi. Our development center is CMMi-3.

If you are looking for Elasticsearch expertise, innovation and quick solution to your problems:
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